Gujrati Film Hoo Narendra Modi Banwa Maangu Choo  Is Childhood Struggle Story of PM Narendra  Modi says Anil Naryani

Mumbai 18 September 2017, Struggle of our PM Narendra Modi, how he become PM where he was a simple tea seller, said Anil Naryani director of Hindi and Gujrati films, how he spend his childhood is being shown in our forthcoming Gujrati film “Hoo Narendra Modi Banwa Maangu Choo”, it is an inspiration for children. Shooting of this film is complete. Anil Naryani says this motivation film has been made keeping children and young citizens of India. film has been scripted in such a way that everyone could understand what Modi ji want to do for our country, and how he is doing it, today many children and youth are fan of Modi ji, he is hero of our country, he is doing good for India, I myself is also great fan of Narendra Modiji, so I decided to make this film which is based on total reality, no fictional.


There are three songs in this film which motivates you, this is made in Gujrati for specially Gujrati audience, it is being released on 17th November 2017, later on it will be dubbed in other languages.

Film has been under the banner of Kavya Movie Production and Shree Arth Production. It has been shot in Ahmedabad, Vadodra and Surat in Gujrat, where Narendra Modi ji has spent his childhood. Director Anil Naryani has made few films in Hindi also. Actors like Onkar Das, Anesha Sayyad, Karan Patel and Hiral are in main roles. Produced by Pawan Poddar and Tanya Sharma. Onkar Das (Film ‘Peepli Live’ fame, made by Aamir Khan production) is playing father of Narendra Modi. Farid Babri and Divya Kumar has rendered songs in this film which will be loved by audiences. Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala is publicist of this film.

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