Ameya Dabli Enthralled the Indian Armed Forces with his Surreal Musical Performance

~ Ameya Dabli specially curated this performance for the real heroes of the nation; plan to take this concert to more Armed Force bases~

Hisar/Mumbai, 3rd May 2018: Ameya Dabli is the name which resonates with blissful social entertainment. The army cantonment here witnessed a wonderful evening of Sufi, ghazal and retro Bollywood music by the gifted singer.

On popular demand Ameya’s second performance at the cantonment witnessed the singer render classic ghazal rendition of the late Jagjit Singh such as Ye Daulat Bhi Le Lo, Hothon Se Chhulo Tumm Main Nashe me hoon, Tum Ko Dekha Toh Ye Khayal and many others. Ameya was supported by co-singer Sanchita Garge along with his crew comprising Jayesh Dhargalkar on tabla, Punit Lotia on guitar, Sangeet Patil on the keyboard, Raj Sachdev on side rhythm and Prasad Mayekar on dhol and dholak.

Humanitarian causes have been at the forefront for AD Ventures, which Ameya Dabli and Purvi Soali jointly head.  To further reinforce this deed, AD Ventures panned the evening to show gratitude to the society through a unique musical journey, namely ‘Ekam Satt’, specially curated by Ameya Dabli.

Produced by AD Ventures, the main mantra of “Ekam Satt – One Truth, One Humanity, and World Music”, is an inimitable presentation of soulful music designed by Ameya Dabli. The concert presents the best of Sufi, Folk and Contemporary world music compositions, of poems penned by Kabirdas, Mirabai, Guru Nanak, Buddha, Khwaja, Amir Khusro, Tulsidas, Gospels from the Bible and many more. The foot-tapping numbers are all curated with the sole purpose of uniting the hearts and minds of the audience across geopolitical and social strata, to bring peace to the society.

Ameya and his band have performed throughout the country, especially at various locations across India and abroad. They have received not only critical acclaim but accolades from the audience too! He was exclusively invited to perform for the Indian High Commission in London at The Nehru Centre, November 2016 as well. This unique musical journey was presented by AD Ventures which is known for putting up exclusive, high end corporate and social music concerts globally.

According to Ameya Dabli, “With the ephemeral nature of life, it is imperative for each one of us to find the source of true joy & happiness, which essentially is within! Especially for the Indian Armed Forces, with their disciplined lifestyle in challenging environs, they seldom get a chance to connect or interact with the larger populace. ‘Ekam Satt – Mission 4 Nation’ music concert tour is a humble attempt to bring a smile on their faces by relieving them of their stress through blissful music and by also connecting them with the fellow countrymen.”

About AD Ventures

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