Actress Jyoti Singh celebrates International Yoga Day in New York

The world joins India today in celebrating the fourth International Yoga Day. Joining the multitude to perform the ancient practice is a number of Bollywood’s brightest stars. Over the past years, a number of celebrities have turned to Yoga to maintain their enviable bods, gain peace of mind and promote healthy living.


Yoga is a natural form of exercise that cleanses you mind and body at the same time. Several Bollywood celebrities practice Yoga in their daily workout routine to have toned body and beautiful skin. US based actress Jyoti Singh was seen celebrating International Yoga day in US. Jyoti Singh got fame through movie Yadvi- The Dignified Princes alongside Chandrachur Singh. She is practicing Yoga for nearly two hours daily. Here are some posts that will inspire you.

——Pigeon Media (Abhishek Dubey)

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