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The most awaited film Leera The Soulmate is releasing on 24 August 2018 this is a complete vfx movie  post production has invested lot of time and money for this movie in this film lead actress Leera Kaljai and actors Mehul Adwani has given a whole new turn to love romance and action this movie has shown us that even on space there are people and even they fall in love.


It is completely a different love story director of the film Sumnash Sri Kaljai states that this shall be very first bollywood love story which has started from space title song this film ‘Tum Hi To Meri Soulmate Ho God Ki Bhet Ho Mere Liye Set Ho” is a song that to touches people heart as soon as they hear it every song in this film has amazing scene producer script and lyrics writer of this film Usha Kaljai has stated that this film and all the people amazed and this movie shall touch their heart in a way that they can never forget it .

Before the release itself the film has already been nominated for awards at many places.

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