Vinay Anand sung devotional song  – Shiv Shiv Ratein To Kusht Kate – dedicated to Shiv Ji

If cinema is the heart of India, music is its soul. While the actors portraying different roles take us to a new world each time we watch a movie, it’s the songs and the voices behind them that makes all the difference in the world. While there are brilliant actors in Bollywood, there are few gifted ones with multiple talents. But a few actors in the industry have broken out of this style to showcase their own talent when it comes to music.


Vinay Anand is making a solid comeback to the big screen with the action drama, before that he sung a devotional song “Shiv Shiv Ratein To Kusht Kate” dedicated to Shiv Ji. Vinay released this song in a holy month of Shravan, Shravan is a month of Shiv Ji. The song Penned and music directed by Kaamini Khanna released by Flying Horses Music Entertainment.

———Abhishek Dubey(PRO)

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