Little Known Facts On Dr Samir Khoja Internationally Famed Celebrity Vaastu Astrologer With Expertise In Naadi Astrology

Dr. Samir Khoja needs no introduction.

He is an internationally famed celebrity Vaastu astrologer and also a master expert in Naadi Astrology.

He is recognised as a famed astrologer and well-known among Bollywood Celebrities  high-profile politicians and corporate houses. His astrological trajectories and accurate predictions have figured him in A-listed clients in Mumbai and countries across the seven seas.

He is armed with name fame and has carved a niche for himself as as astrologer to reckon with in India. 

The powerful astrologer has an unmatched USP to automatically understand and identify a client’s problem once he visits his client, much before the client briefs him about the problems.

Dr Samir Khoja has helped B’wood actors to build their brand, fame and popularity with his exceptional Naadi predictions and Vaastu remedies. Well-Nigh all famous news portals like Mid-day, Hindustan Times, The Times of India, Sakal, Khaleej times (UAE), Deccan Chronicle, Asian age and many more have regularly covered him with different contents and suggestions. He has been honoured  with several prestigious awards and accolades such as “Times of India” and “Mid-day” for his precise and accurate predictions.

 As per Dr. Samir Khoja, he would like to propel the fact primarily to all Bollywood aspirants that it is much easy to become a Brand,  attain name and emerge  famous after recommendations of minor changes in their own house. That will aid in expediting the process of becoming a Brand oneself. Based on detailed calculation and use of sophisticated software, we can fine tune the parameters to pinpoint exact problems which can provide solutions. The same is true for any individual irrespective of them being into business or Politics.

Notably, Dr. Samir Khoja’s astrological trajectories can turn you into a brand, overnight.

His exceptional expertise in Naadi astrology has earned him a valued position amongst top astrologers.

He calculates 48 houses in Naadi Astrology instead of 12 as mentioned in Vedic astrology.

Dr Samir Khoja aligns a client’s fortune and gives them concrete solutions and most reliable guidance through his holistic Vaastu visions.

He can confidently suggest to someone about his best-suited choice of profession. He can predict the same with precision whether to choose a professional degree like MBA or be in the entertainment industry.

Moreover, his know-how with Naadi Astrology can practically turn an actor into a brand or attain stardom in no time.

The skilled Iconic Bollywood celebrity astrologer explains the importance of Vaastu further. By citing a basic Vaastu-related defect, He says, “Most of us don’t realise that bad placement of Toilet in our bedroom/inside a house may be the root cause of your problem.”

Almost 80% of households suffer from this building defect. Ideally, Toilets should lie in ideal zones- preferably outside the house; however, it’s practically impossible in today’s urban living.

Again, with physical renovations facing restrictions/permissions from owners/laws, the only solution is getting a way out with Vaastu remedies that will create an internal lock so that negative energy is locked out. The remedy will help in limiting the negative energies within that spot itself.

He further elucidates that Vaastu can make it convenient to bring out faster and more fruitful results as the base of a person’s life is Vaastu, with Kundli and Naadi Astrology being its ingredients. Once the base is fine-tuned, other things fall into their place accordingly.

Astro Scientific Dr Samir Khoja also elucidates that you need experience and utmost vigilance while doing any calculations. He has changed the lives of many by making certain simple and inexpensive changes in their homes so that their unfavourable zodiac star rests in a conducive house or position.

Apart doing his PhD in Vaastu, Dr Samir Khoja is a renowned Naadi Astrology expert and has proficiency in Lal Kitab Remedies, Face reading, palm reading, numerology, Ramal (Persian), Loshu Grid, Kabala (Spanish), Hebrew (Egypt).

Following his experience of a miserable period for a couple of years, his prediction about the commercial rise of the Bollywood entertainment industry has been a breather for all in the Bollywood wagon.


Little Known Facts On Dr Samir Khoja Internationally Famed Celebrity Vaastu Astrologer With Expertise In Naadi Astrology

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