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Going Green is not a choice anymore It’s a Necessity – Aries Group CEO announces new GO GREEN Initiatives

Going Green is not a choice anymore  It’s a Necessity  – Aries Group CEO announces new GO GREEN Initiatives

As part of the commencement of Aries Group’s 25th-anniversary celebrations, its Founder and CEO, Sir Sohan Roy, announced the Go Green initiative. On World Environment Day, the Aries Management introduced Energy Index, a new feature in their efficiency management software (EFFISM), to analyze the Personal/Division’s contribution towards reducing Carbon Foot Print. The management has also announced a cash prize of Dhs. 50,000 to Best improving individuals or divisions of the company.

On this occasion, Sir Sohan Roy stated, “Green thinking has always been a part of our company ethos, and our very first step towards achieving this was ‘paperless’ Operations. It was an uphill task, but we became paperless in record time. Time and again, Aries has pushed ahead with the number of measures to reduce carbon footprint, and we will continue to do so, as we understand that Going Green is not a choice anymore, it’s a necessity.”

The Carbon footprint will be analyzed based on Total Engine CC (1% reduction for every 100cc increase),  Average Mileage (1% reduction for every 1km lower mileage), Annual Distance traveled (1% reduction for every additional 1000km), Solar power generation (% Reduction applicable based on solar usage), and traveling distance of an employee to the office (10% reduction for every extra 1km).

As part of the “Green vision,” which was announced last year, the company had set up a Green Fund to aid the shipping industry’s efforts to promote sustainability and decarbonization. One of his initiatives, Aries green Solutions, offers sustainable maritime solutions and has completed more than 1500 retrofit engineering projects, including Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) and Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems). Aries Green Solutions was also honored with the “Best Green Maritime Consultant” award at the International Green Shipping and Technology Summit in Athens, Greece, in 2019. Under Sir Roy’s able leadership, the company recently launched the Aries Renewable and Integrated Solar Energy Division which offers consumers a plethora of services to adopt Solar powered energy. World’s first Solar AC Bed, Solar Energy operated Steel Houseboat – BOTEL are some among the many eco-friendly designs which Aries Group had initiated.

As an onset to the celebrations, this year has been declared the ‘Year of Happiness.’ Mission25 has also been launched as a part of the celebration to take Aries Brand to new heights of success. As part of Aries Mission 25, the company aims to achieve 25 pathbreaking initiatives. These include the commencement of activities in 25 sectors, the launch of new services/ technologies, conducting International Events in 25 countries, honoring legends from the industries, achieving International recognitions/awards, undertaking CSR initiatives, happiness events/initiatives, generating new design concepts, employee benefit schemes and more.

In the last 24 years, the company has imprinted its legacy in the Maritime, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Petrochemical, Civil, Aviation industries, entertainment, Medical, and IT industries. It has also invested in film production, event management, home theater production, a multiplex theater, and production studios. In terms of market value in the maritime market, the company currently holds the number one position in the world.

Going Green is not a choice anymore  It’s a Necessity  – Aries Group CEO announces new GO GREEN Initiatives

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Aries Plex SL Cinemas Grabs the Limelight once again Wins IFFK Award

Aries Plex SL Cinemas Grabs the Limelight once again  Wins IFFK Award

Aries Plex SL, Thiruvananthapuram, grabbed the headlines after winning the prestigious International Film Festival (IFFK) award organized by the Kerala state government. This was bestowed on the organization in recognition of its excellent facilities provided for the event. A cash prize of Rs 10,000, a certificate, and a sculpture was awarded to Aries Plex Director, Mr. Joy, who received the award from State Finance Minister Shri K.N. Balagopal. AriesPlex theatre is owned by Dr. Sohan Roy, Founder Chairman and CEO of Aries Group of Companies.

The theatre has been recognized and received many accolades in the past. Blockbuster Tollywood movie, Bahubali received the highest collection in India from Aries Plex. The Audi One in this theater has an imported silver screen, one of India’s largest screens. Images from two projectors are simultaneously combined and delivered to the screen, resulting in images that have no other resolution. The 4K technology visual layout and sixty-four channel 80,000 watts Dolby Atmos sound system offer the audience an immersive cinema experience. These reasons that film enthusiasts from all over the state flock here to enjoy the magic of big-budget movies at their finest quality. The Rajinikanth movie 2.0 also received the highest collection from this theatre. Mohanlal’s ‘Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea’ also enjoyed the highest number of shows in the theatre. Aries Group’s CEO, Dr. Sohan Roy, a Hollywood director, stated that audiences would only come to the theatres to see the movie during this ‘COVID’ period if the theatre owners were willing to give the audience the best viewing experience.

“India is the country that releases the largest number of movies globally. But the film industry and theatres are not getting the revenue they deserve. The biggest reason for this is the lack of theatres that provide the best visual experience and facilities. Suppose a huge capital investment is made for the development of theatre infrastructure. In that case, the revenue will increase manifold, and India will become a country that can significantly contribute to the global cinema market. As part of our Project: Indywood, we have developed a large platform for global investment. The infrastructure at AriesPlex SL is set up as a model for this masterpiece. The accolades received by this theatre indicate that our efforts are being recognized. We are now building home theatres and education theatres using the same standards to bring visual quality to homes, schools, and institutions. The latest trend is pre-fabricated home theatres that can be set up on the house’s terrace within a single day,” he added.

Aries Plex is a model institution that paid salaries to all the workers even when all theatres were closed during  COVID. The theatre is also equipped with ‘Wolf Air Mask,’ a novel air sterilizing device that disinfects viruses, including COVID, by keeping the air clean.

Aries Plex SL Cinemas Grabs the Limelight once again  Wins IFFK Award

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Aries Group’s Special Plans to Make Employees Happy

Aries Group’s Special Plans to Make Employees Happy

The general perception of big private companies among people is that they do not waste any opportunity to enslave their employees. But this observation is slowly changing around the world. Companies globally have started a new policy of giving maximum happiness to their employees along with their salaries. But here, the UAE-based Aries Group has started a new revolution by creating a ‘Happiness Division’ for its employees.
The Aries Group, a diversified multinational consortium with offices across 16 countries, has special plans for its employees that will last for a year. The group’s founding chairman and CEO, Dr. Sohan Roy’s daughter Nivedya Sohan Roy, a Naval architect, organizes and leads such an idea-based training program.
Nivedya, also a psychologist, started the ‘Happiness Project’ by launching an extensive counseling session. The first phase focused on identifying and resolving occupational problems that employees generally experience at work. Subsequently, new plans were formulated each month to ensure the physical and mental development of the staff and their family members. Small challenges, along with cash awards and other incentives, have also been included.
The challenges of the first month were based on healthcare. Special social media pages were started by the department to discover and promote the artistic talents of the employees. Prizes, including cash awards, were given to employees who completed work and career-related training on time. Through these challenges, Niya made every employee a part of this personality development drive and provided them an opportunity to participate in it according to their interests.
Aries Group is one of the few companies in the world that issued 50% of its shares to its employees. The company also provides special allowances and scholarships, and incentives for initiating startups, health management systems and implements social security programs.
Employees working in various private sectors are currently facing increasing psychological stress, as concerns over the global workforce recession have hit again with the second wave of COVID. The only solution to sail through these tough times is by keeping our happiness and optimism intact. Following this thought, even politicians today have begun to think about initiating a Happiness Ministry. There was such a ministry in the Madhya Pradesh cabinet and one in Andhra Pradesh as well.

A prominent front in Kerala announced through their election manifesto that a “Ministry of Happiness” would be formed in Kerala. Anyway, while governments and political parties are still pondering about it, Aries Group is happy to have started a division of its own to spread happiness in its Family.

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Access to Health Information is now just a Click away Medibiz TV joins hands with Air TV

Access to Health Information is now just a Click away  Medibiz TV joins hands with Air TV

Medibiz TV, the world’s first health satellite channel, has teamed up with ‘Air TV,’ a “Live” Television state-of-the-art streaming application. Users can access Medibiz TV live through the mobile application ‘Air TV Lite.’ The official launch event was organized on May 3 at Aries Plex, Thiruvananthapuram. Dr. Sohan Roy switched on the channel, and Brahmashree Swami Vidyananda, Chairman of Sreenarayana World Research and Peace Center, Narayana TV, and Air TV, inaugurated the event.

Other special guests present at the inaugural function included Padma Shri Marthanda Pillai, Managing Director, Ananthapuri Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram; Former National President of the Indian Medical Association, P. Gopikumar; Renowned musician, Pandit Ramesh Narayanan, and Anjali Devi, Managing Director, Kollam Mehndi’s Fashions.

Medibiz TV is the only international TV channel dedicated solely to the healthcare industry. Since its launch, the channel has been garnering international attention through its best news-based programs. The channel has aired interviews with more than 500 doctors, including international celebrities, and several programs on lifestyle diseases. Medibiz TV was also the event partner in India for the American Association of Indian Origin, an organization of Indian doctors in the United States.

On this occasion, Dr. Sohan Roy, chairman of Medibiz TV, quoted, “With the spread of coronavirus worldwide, we have now decided to join hands with Air TV. Our channel will act as a medium for people  to realize the importance of health and spread awareness on healthy living.”

Biju Devraj, vice-chairman of the Sreenarayana World Research and Peace Center, mentioned that the OTT platform ‘Air TV Lite’ was launched after years of extensive research. “The platform has a user interface based on artificial intelligence. It currently has a presence in 56 countries and aims to reach 120 in the next two months. We are expecting the number of channels to cross 300 in the next 60 days,” he added.

Channels like Asianet News, 24News, News18, MediaOne, TimesNow, NDTV, India Today, and more can be watched free on Air TV. The platform’s uniqueness lies in the fact that you can enjoy it hassle-free even with low internet access. It is also very easy to navigate from one channel to another, and the user does not need any special registration.

‘AirTV Lite’ is now available on the Play Store for Android mobiles. It will be made available on iOS platforms soon.

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Indywood Bhasha Puraskar has been announced

Indywood Bhasha Puraskar has been announced

Indywood Bhasha Puraskar, which offers the highest prize money in Malayalam literature world has been announced. Retired IAS officer, K. Jayakumar was presented with the award for collective contribution to Malayalam language. He was entitled to Bhasha Kesari Puraskar, which includes Five lakhs and one rupees cash prize, certificate and the award. “Even without having a direct connection  with language, even after spending a major time of his life in a very responsible work position, the fact that he was able to contribute to different stratums of the language is what earned him the award.” Says Indywood’s founder, Dr. Sohan Roy.
“The existence of a language depends entirely on the community of the people who is in love with it. Even though in love with our language, majority of us are in a situation to earn our daily bread choosing fields not directly connected to language. Even though the fields of works are very different, by sitting in those positions, the number of linguaphiles who can reflect the love for language determines the existence of it. We have decided to award this year’s Bhasha Puraskar to such a deserving person who has reminded that responsibility to the society through his activities.
Even after holding a reputed official position yearned the most by any young person, even after getting a life splendid with honour, fame and security, K.Jayakumar decided to extend a hand to the language and pull it up along with him. This was the reason why he was chosen to receive this award.
An exemplary talent who started writing a book about Kumaranaashan at the tender age of 17. By writing more than 25 books, writing songs for more than a 100 movies, rendering numerous light music through Akashvani, being a director, script writer, orator, translator and a linguistic researcher, he has established his signature in various fields. He has made contributions to the columns of Kerala Kaumudi and similar reputed newspapers.
“He is also becoming a role model to the youngsters by passing on the message that, whichever one’s field of work is, to adorn mother tongue with the scent of sandalwood, an individual only requires intense love for language and sheer dedication”, says Sohan Roy.
Personalities who made a mark on 15 other categories in the literature field, were also felicitated in the event. Each of the awards include ten thousand rupees cash prize and certificates. The list of award winners are as such; Gireesh Puliyoor is the best poet and his work “Karamanayaar” earned him the prize. M.D Rajendran, who wrote the song “Kuri varachaalum” is the best song writer and for the novel,”Samudra Shila”, Subhash Chandran was selected as the best lyricist. The best autobiography is Nambi Narayanan’s “ormakalude bhramanapadam”. “Komali melkai nedunna Kaalam” won Bipin Chandran the award for best article. Jobin S Kottaram’s “samagram, Madhu ram Malayalam” which contains 2 volumes, was selected as the best educational book. In the “best story” category, Sayra’s anthology of stories called “Tirike” won the prize. Best movie script award was bagged by Muhammed Shafeeq’s “Aama”.
Best critic (V.U Surendran, Vaakkinte Jalasparsham), best scientific literature(Dr. K Sreekumar, Arangu), best travelogue writer (K Viswanath, Yatra – Indian Charitra Smaarakangalilude), best children’s literature author (Sajeevan Mokeri, Kunjikurukkanum kootukarum), best translator( Dr. Minipriya R, Kankanam (Perumal Murugan), best language research (Dr. Nitya P Viswom, Parody Malayala Kavithayil), best comedy writer (Naina Mannancherry, Punkans on country) etc. are the other awards.


N S Sumesh Krishnan’s anthology of poems called Chandrakaantham and R Ajith Kumar’s “Biriyani thinnuna bali kaakkakal” also received special mention from the jurors.

Winner Announcement Video Link:

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Indywood Billionaires Club opens up an investment platform for revolutionary products/ concepts through Indywood Billionaires Club startup awards

Indywood Billionaires Club opens up an investment platform for revolutionary products/ concepts through Indywood Billionaires Club startup awards

AIMRI, in association with Indywood Billionaires Club and Kerala Startup Mission, has announced an interesting investment opportunity for unique and innovative global startups. Scheduled on April 16th, 2021, the maiden edition of the Indywood Billionaires Club  Startup Awards will be hosted virtually.

Indywood Billionaires Club Startup Awards 2021 will provide business collaboration opportunities to outstanding startups that have high potential to generate wealth, employment and demonstrate measurable social impact. The event will incorporate a virtual award ceremony, panel discussions, and product presentation opportunities for organizations to present their concept in front of an elite audience. Besides offering organizations a chance to pitch their products in front of investors, AIMRI will also provide incubation opportunities to deserving projects.

Dr. Sohan Roy, Founder President of Indywood Billionaires Club, stated, “This is the first time we have initiated such a concept. As part of the ‘Made in India’ vision, our aim is to promote indigenous products and innovative concepts and have the potential to simplify lives globally. This unique initiative will be a golden opportunity for startup owners to showcase their brands and raise their brand value. This will also be a perfect platform for organizations to raise investments by promoting their winning products/concepts in the Indywood Billionaires Club circle.”

Some of the award categories include Innovative Startup of the Year, Technology-Based Startup of the Year, Art & Craft Startup of the Year, Digital Startup of the Year, Promising Startup of the Year, Mobility Startup of the Year, Energy Startup of the Year, Logistics Startup of the Year, Food & Beverage Startup of the Year, Healthcare Startup of the Year, Education Startup of the Year, retail Startup of the Year, Tourism & leisure Startup of the Year, Real Estate Startup of the Year, Social Impact Startup of the Year, E-Commerce (B2B) Startup of the Year, Rural Startup of the Year, Agricultural Startup of the Year, Women-led Startup of the Year, and Green Startup of the Year.

Preliminary Evaluation & Filtering will be conducted by the Research & Incubation Hub of the project – ARIES INTERNATIONAL MARITIME RESEARCH INSTITUTE (AIMRI)

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