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PALETTE OF PERSPECTIVE Paintings Exhibition By Six Renowned Artists In Jehangir

PALETTE OF PERSPECTIVE Paintings Exhibition By Six Renowned Artists In Jehangir

From: 24th to 30th October 2023

“Palette of Perspective”

An Exhibition of Paintings by Six Renowned Artists – Ganesha Somayaji, Giliyal Jayaram Bhat, Sharath Holla, Jayashri Sharma, Murlidhar Suvarna, Dr.Shivaprakash S.M.


Jehangir Art Gallery,

161-B, M.G. Road

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm.

Contact: +91 9886053135, 9845043323, 9448302597, 797581529

“PALLET OF PERSPECTIVES” the Exhibition of Paintings by Six Renowned artists in Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai was inaugurated on 24th October 2023 by Sri.N.T.Poojary, Chairman, Billava chambers of commerce and  President of Shivsagar Foods and Resorts Ltd, in the presence of Sri. Prof. Prabhat Pani, E D, C.I.S.D, Mumbai and Sri.Madhusudan Kumar, senior artist and many other art lovers and art dignitaries.

Ganesha Somayaji’s artworks provide an immersive exploration of the rich and diverse world of landscapes and seascapes seeped in realism and hyperrealism with complete control over the unforgiving medium of watercolours. Landscape art has been an integral part of human expression for centuries. The artist presents a panoramic view of the once idyllic and serene green and blue hues of the coastal belt, now rapidly losing their beauty to globalisation and environmental damage. He revisits the temples and churches of those places as a silent prayer for their protection. In an era marked by environmental concerns and climate change, landscapes take on new significance. The paintings also address contemporary environmental issues through the lens of art. The artist especially uses their work to provoke reflection on the fragility and resilience of our natural world, inspiring us to consider our role in its preservation.

Sharath Holla brings on canvas an extensive range of art practices and styles, particularly in figurative and landscape art that weaves between realism and abstraction. His work is an exploration of the enduring appeal of figurative art. It reminds us that the human body has been a subject of fascination and inspiration for artists throughout history and continues to be a source of creative exploration and expression.

The artist invites you to embark on a captivating voyage through the art and history of landscapes, revealing the profound connection between nature, culture, and human perception. His works provide a glimpse into the multifaceted world of figurative painting and inspires a deeper appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the human form and landscapes that surround us.

Giliyal Jayaram Bhat has been creating art for nearly four decades as industrialist and artist; and his style, approach and zest for the craft has evolved from portraits and landscapes that reflected formal training to intense abstraction of landscapes and moods that depict compositions of uninhibited freedom letting the elements interact within themselves in the pictorial plane, creating balances, imbalances, breathing spaces and a burgeoning of possibilities for viewer involvement and interpretation. The artist seems to effortlessly create ‘industrial poetry’ on surfaces, his works revealing the beauty hidden within the man-made, industrial environments, making us reconsider our perception of landscapes. In his latest series, one can observe the negative spaces being flipped to form relevant subjects that beckon the viewer’s time, easing them in and leaving remnants of peace in the viewer. He presents a world which reflects our inner world landscapes in a language of the formless from his lived experiences and observations.

Dr. Shivaprakash, with his vast experience in art, education and travel explores the intimate connection between portraiture and the creative process by incorporating live demonstrations of art-making alongside a stunning collection of portraits. His experience in the fisheries department is reflected in his artworks that show an intersection of contemporary art and the animal kingdom. This collection showcases a diverse range of artistic perspectives and techniques, offering viewers a unique glimpse into the complex relationship between humans and animals in our rapidly changing world. It is a testament to the enduring allure of capturing the human spirit on canvas and the ever-evolving nature of artistic expression.

Microbiologist, professor and self-taught artist, Jayashri Sharma lights up her canvases with delightfully moving figurative pieces that carry softness of the divine feminine in her works. Female figurative paintings have a rich history and continue to be a dynamic and evolving genre within the art world. Jayashri’s works aims to celebrate the diversity, complexity, and resilience of women through the lens of art. It invites viewers to engage with these paintings and consider the role of art in shaping and reflecting our perceptions of gender and identity. Through these artworks, we are reminded that the female figure is not merely a subject for art but a source of inspiration, strength, and empowerment. In addition, her use of nature as a focus in her paintings is noticeable and her strength lies in the painting’s ability to capture the beauty, complexity and interconnectedness of the natural world and the human form.

Geology and art may seem like two very different fields, but they can intersect in fascinating ways. Muralidhar seems to use the textures, patterns, and colours found in rocks, minerals, and landscapes to serve as a rich source of inspiration as a painter and designer. Realistic Indian art is a testament to the enduring spirit of Indian creativity, encapsulating the nation’s diverse heritage, traditions, and contemporary life. Through its portrayal of the real and the imagined, this genre continues to be a source of inspiration, reflection, and connection for artists and viewers alike, serving as a mirror to India’s multifaceted identity. We see how the artworks have realistically captured various facets of the artist’s influence from the region of Kasargod and Mangalore.

-Parvathi Bhat Giliyal (Artist and Art Critic)


PALETTE OF PERSPECTIVE Paintings Exhibition By Six Renowned Artists In Jehangir

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RUSTIC RHAPSODY An Exhibition Of Paintings By Renowned Artist Mohan Naik In Jehangir

RUSTIC RHAPSODY An Exhibition Of Paintings By Renowned Artist Mohan Naik In Jehangir

From: 23rd to 29th October 2023

“Rustic Rhapsody”

An Ode to Goa’s Village Life

An Exhibition of Paintings by renowned artist Mohan Naik


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm.

Contact: +91 9822488083, 8888862462

“Rustic Rhapsody,” a solo exhibition of the captivating works by the renowned artist, Mohan Naik. Mohan Naik’s art is a vivid portrayal of rustic Indian life, skillfully combining figurative aesthetics with the timeless theme of human association with livestock. His works resonate with a nostalgic charm, capturing the essence of village life that is slowly vanishing in our ever-developing world.

This show was inaugurated on 23rd October 2023 by Dr. Navroz S. Kothari  in the presence of Mr. Bharat Shetty, President & Managing Director – Grandprix(India) Pvt. Ltd., Architect Arka Pradhan, Nitin Jadia, Dr. Uttam Jain, Dinesh Kocchar, Mahendra Kalantri, Dr. Jayesh Dakre, Preeti Singhal, Founder of Art Zolo Gallery,  Daegal Godinho, Suraj Laheru – Director –JS Art Gallery, Hetal Shukla – Art Curator, Gaurav Prateek – Actor, Manmohan Jaiswal – Art Curator and many other art lovers & art dignitaries.

Born and raised in the picturesque state of Goa, Mohan Naik embarked on an unconventional artistic journey after completing his double graduation. He had the audacity to follow his dreams, dedicating himself entirely to the world of art. In doing so, he not only realized his own success but also paved the way for countless other artists, proving that art is a path worth pursuing with passion.

Mohan Naik’s art is a timeless celebration of rural harmony. His evocative paintings are a window into a simpler, more genuine way of life, one that is steadily fading in the wake of modernization. His mastery of challenging mediums, especially oils, has been consistently validated over the decades. The resilience and enduring quality of his creations stand as a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft.

The artist’s choice of pastel and warm colors, meticulously balanced across the canvas, mirrors the natural color palette of the Indian village. His paintings don’t just depict livestock like goats and cows; they symbolize the intimate companionship that these animals provide to the people of these rustic spaces. Mohan Naik’s art effortlessly captures the deep bond between man and beast.

In the world of Indian art, Mohan Naik’s works are frequently displayed alongside those of the masters. This esteemed placement is a testament to the exceptional quality and standards upheld by this visionary artist. His attention to detail in each piece and his straightforward, yet profound titles enable every viewer to connect personally with the art. This simplicity invites contemplation and appreciation of the art’s inherent meanings, making it accessible and profound in its own right.


RUSTIC RHAPSODY An Exhibition Of Paintings By Renowned Artist Mohan Naik In Jehangir

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Sreejita Bhattacharjee Visits Durga Pooja Pandal In Her Hometown Agartala

Sreejita Bhattacharjee Visits Durga Pooja Pandal In Her Hometown Agartala

Actress Sreejita celebrates Durga Puja with great enthusiasm and zeal every year. Having her roots from Bengal, the actress never misses a chance to worship Goddess Durga every year and visit Pandal during the Navratri Festival.

This year too, she donned a beautiful Red Saree and visited the Pandal set to seek the blessings of Maa Durga.

If sources are to be believed Sreejita Bhattacharjee Will be seen In Alok Shrivastava’s coming new venture.


Sreejita Bhattacharjee Visits Durga Pooja Pandal In Her Hometown Agartala

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ONLY ARRANGE MARRIAGE हिंदी फिल्म का भव्य मुहूर्त व पहला गाना लता मंगेशकर स्टूडियो मुम्बई में हुआ रिकॉड, म्यूजिक डायरेक्टर प्रवीण भारद्वाज सिंगर स्वाति शर्मा, निर्माता बी के जैन भिवांडी

ONLY ARRANGE MARRIAGE हिंदी फिल्म का भव्य मुहूर्त व पहला गाना लता मंगेशकर स्टूडियो मुम्बई में हुआ रिकॉड, म्यूजिक डायरेक्टर प्रवीण भारद्वाज सिंगर स्वाति शर्मा, निर्माता बी के जैन भिवांडी

मुंबई – तनु वेड्स मनु की पापुलर सिंगर स्वाति शर्मा ने दी आवाज, फिल्म के निर्माता बीके जैन ने कहा मां बाप का घर कोई धर्मशाला नहीं,  इसी सब्जेक्ट को लेकर श्रीपार्श्व फिल्म एंड टीवी प्रोडक्शन बैनर तले बनने जा रही फिल्म ओन्ली अरेंज मैरिज का आगाज आज लता मंगेशकर स्टूडियो में हुआ, प्रोड्यूसर बी के जैन ने बताया हमारे राजस्थान के रानी जंक्शन पर अभी हाल ही में एक बड़ा हादसा हुआ, एक परिवार की बेटी ने लव मैरिज कर ली और मां-बाप को बिना बताए घर से भाग गई यह तो आम बात है ।

लेकिन इसके पीछे जो हादसा हुआ वह मेरे मन को जक्जोर के रख दिया और पूरे राजस्थान को हिला के रख दिया, घर से भागने वाली लड़की के मां बाप इस अत्यंत पीड़ा को झेल नहीं पाए, और दोनों ट्रेन के आगे कूद कर अपनी जान गवा दी, जिस बेटी को बड़े लाड प्यार से  पाल-पोस्कर बड़ा किया था वह बेटी मां-बाप का अंतिम बार चेहरा तक देखने नहीं आई, क्या मां-बाप इसीलिए होते हैं कि अपने बेटे बेटियों की चिंता करते रहे और बेटा बेटी अपने झूठे प्यार को पाने के लिए, एक मां और पिता के सच्चे लाड प्यार को यूं तोड़ कर चले जाना यह समाज के लिए अत्यंत की घातक है,और बड़ी पीड़ा दायक घटना से प्रेरित होकर मैंने एक सब्जेक्ट को सोचा है और वह सब्जेक्ट है ऑनली अरेंज मैरिज, ताकि समाज को मां-बाप के प्रति घर के प्रति एक विश्वास होना चाहिए और बेटी को लगना चाहिए कि मेरे लिए मां-बाप कभी बुरा नहीं सोच सकते, फिल्म परिवारिक कहानी की है एक दूसरे के साथ रहते रहते प्यार कब हो जाता है इसी को हमने इस फिल्म में दर्शाया जायेगा ।

फिल्म के डायरेक्टर एस पी निंबावत हैं, फिल्म का म्यूजिक बॉलीवुड के जाने-माने म्यूजिक डायरेक्टर प्रवीण भारद्वाज का लिया है, फिल्म के पहलें गाने मैं आवाज अवार्डेड सिंगर स्वाति शर्मा ने दी है, उसके बाद पामेला जैन व युवी और शंकर भट्टाचार्य  और दो अन्य नामचीन सिंगरों की आवाज हमने इस फिल्म में लेनी है, वही निर्माता जैन बताया अच्छी फोटोग्राफी के लिए साउथ के कैमरामैन संतोष को लिया, है, फिल्म के लाइन प्रोड्यूसर कलीम अख्तर है, जिन्होंने  अबतक 14 फिल्में बनाई है, कोरियोग्राफर मास्टर बलराज व नरेंद्र करेंगे, फिल्म के casting director- R sparsh kharkhodi ने की है, फिल्म के एजुकेशयू  प्रोड्यूसर दीपक अबोटी हैं।

फिल्म की शूटिंग पाली, रानी, जयपुर, गोरम घाट, उदयपुर, श्रीनाथजी का मंदिर आदि स्थानों पर की जाएगी, फिल्म की मुख्य भूमिका में बॉलीवुड एक्टर्स काश्वी कंचन, मिस बनारस रह चुकी अनुष्का पंडित, पापुलर टीवी एक्टर्स हितांशु जिंसी, इमरान शेख, जितेंन मुखी, श्रावणी गोस्वामी, राजू खेर, मुश्ताक खान, जयपुर की सीरत,खुशबू चौहान, विभी शर्मा, बीकानेर के टाइगर नाम से पापुलर एक्टर युधिष्ठिर सिंह भाटी, राजस्थान के सुपरस्टार सीजीत कुमार, कलीम अख्तर, पाली के मंगल राजपुरोहित भंवर दास बाबूलाल, शालिनी राठौड़, विनय सवाई माधोपुर, जयपुर से संतोष कंवर व राहुल स्वामी, अग्रसेन तंवर व दीपक संगम चौहान, शरद शर्मा, मुंबई से शबरीन व पापुलर टीवी एक्टर्स विजय, डॉ रंजन दवे व गौरव टॉक , पीलीबांग से जॉनी, फिल्म के निर्माता जैन ने बताया अभी इसमें और कास्टिंग 6/7 एक्टरों की बाकी है, फिल्म अगले महीने 28 तारीख को हम शूटिंग पर जाएंगे ।


ONLY ARRANGE MARRIAGE हिंदी फिल्म का भव्य मुहूर्त व पहला गाना लता मंगेशकर स्टूडियो मुम्बई में हुआ रिकॉड, म्यूजिक डायरेक्टर प्रवीण भारद्वाज सिंगर स्वाति शर्मा,निर्माता बी के जैन भिवांडी

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FIFA World Cup Fever Grips India – As Top Celebrities Get Ready To Root For Their Favorite Teams

FIFA World Cup Fever Grips India – As Top Celebrities Get Ready To Root For Their Favorite Teams

The most awaited and biggest sporting event – FIFA World Cup is at the cusp of its commencement. Over the years, the FIFA World Cup has witnessed support and cheer from some of the biggest celebrities across the globe. Billions of people are getting ready to tune in from across the world to experience the event.

Top Indian celebrities aren’t far behind when it comes to their support for the sport and their favorite team. Their love, passion, commitment, and involvement has been visible through their social media posts over the years, wherein each of them has cheered for their favorite teams.

The below list is a compilation of social media posts by celebrities and the teams they are supporting for the FIFA World Cup:


Neha Sharma

Neha is a co-owner of the football team Birmingham Challengers along with other celebrities like H. Dhami, Bambi Bains and more. She is rooting for Spain this year and expressed her excitement on Instagram by wearing Spain’s jersey

Ishaan Khattar

Bollywood actor Ishaan Khattar is a football fan and is often seen playing football with other celebrities. As the FIFA World Cup is about to begin, the actor has been seen supporting his favorite team, Argentina on Instagram wearing the jersey.

Harsha Varrdhan Kapoor

Son of Bollywood veteran star Anil Kapoor, Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor is making his space in the entertainment industry with his acting skills. The rising star is a huge football fan and has been seen on the internet and in news talking about football and his favourite team. The actor will be seen cheering for Argentina.

Ahan Shetty

Ahan Shetty who’s riding high on the success of his debut film has picked his side for the FIFA World Cup 2022. He will be seen supporting and cheering Germany this year in the World Cup. Son of actor Suniel Shetty, Ahan is a huge football fan and has been spotted in news with his sibling Athiya talking about football.

Aditya seal

Student of the Year 2 fame actor Aditya seal is a big football fan and often seen playing football with celebrities. As the FIFA World Cup fever is rising, the celebrity donned his favorite team’s jersey and will be seen shouting for Argentina in the World Cup.

Aadar Jain

Aadar Jain, cousin of Ranbir Kapoor is often snapped playing football with the Bollywood star. This year, he will be seen rooting for Spain in the FIFA World Cup and is spotted wearing his favourite team jersey in a social media post.

Namrata Purohit

Namrata Purohit, a well know celebrity pilates instructor, who co-founded The Pilates Studio with her father Samir Purohit has a very keen interest in football and even participated in a few competitions. She is really excited for FIFA world cup 2022. She posted her picture on Instagram in a Spain jersey as it seems she is rooting for the country this year.

Rohan Shrestha

Rohan, a famous celebrity photographer is a passionate football fan and frequently seen playing football with stars like Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and more. He has confirmed that he will be cheering for Argentina this year through a social media post.

Atul Kasbekar

Atul Kasbekar, Bollywood film producer and a fashion photographer will be seen supporting and cheering team Argentina, this year in the World Cup. The celebrity photographer is seen in the media bonding with his son Arnav over football and food.

Karan Sawhney

Karan Sawhney, a former professional footballer who was grazed by his fans for playing as a striker for Kerala Blasters has been seen supporting and cheering for his favorite team Germany for the FIFA World Cup 2022 by donning the jersey.

Asha Lata Devi

Asha Lata Devi, the Indian defender and captain of both the Indian national team and Indian Women’s League side Gokulam Kerala too couldn’t stop herself from cheering for her favourite team at the World Cup. The finest defender in Asia is supporting Germany this year in the FIFA world cup 2022.

Radhika Seth

Content creator and actor Radhika Seth, who made her acting debut with the web series ‘Call My Agent Bollywood’, last year, will be seen rooting for Germany in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Shreya Chaudhry

Actor and model Shreya Chaudhry who became a sensation with the web series ‘Bandish Bandits’ and is currently speculated to be marrying boyfriend actor Karan Tacker this year seems to be a fan of football. The actor is spotted on Instagram posting her picture in Argentina’s jersey.

Aparshakti Khurana

Aparshakti Khurana is seen sporting an adidas Argentina jersey. He will be seen rooting for the team throughout this tournament. The talented actor and singer is a huge football fan, who is often seen playing and supporting the game when he isn’t working.

FIFA World Cup Fever Grips India – As Top Celebrities Get Ready To Root For Their Favorite Teams

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Begin The Best Years Of Your Life With The Yogasutra Way Of Life – Yoga Exclusive Class

Begin The Best Years Of Your Life With The Yogasutra Way Of Life – Yoga Exclusive Class

From: 1st to 7th February 2022

Begin the Best years of your life With the Yogasutra way of life 

Yoga Exclusive Class

(Offline and online both Classes Available)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID – 905 187 3091

Password – 00000

Contact: 7745031818

Timing: Monday to Saturaday5.45am and Sunday 6.00am 

Life is full of challenges, uncertainties, distractions and opportunities. Our rishis gave to the world the art and science of Yoga to utilise our human existence in the best manner possible. The practice of Yoga can be done by the young and old, by the healthy as well as those in pain to bring a discipline and regularity in life. Yoga is a combination of body, mind and spirit oriented practices with each element of Yoga facilitating a greater purpose and vision of life that leads to well-being and contentment. At one level Yoga helps to overcome stress and mental tensions and at a higher level develops personality and self confidence together with realising  the spirit and the purpose of human existence.

Yogasutra way of life is the adoption of yogic practices for physical fitness, breath regulation and meditation for mental alertness, concentration and complete relaxation.  Incorporating these yoga practices as habits in the daily schedule shifts the direction of life from one of struggles to that of ease and joy. It could be the beginning of the best years of your life. Yogasutra way of life teaches you how to daily invest a little time in yoga to reap the long term benefits of self transformationof the body and mind for a fulfilled human existence.

Know your coach for the Yogasutra way of life

Sunita Wadhawan is a PhD research scholar and has been active in the yoga field as a practitioner and as a teacher for over two decades. She has won accolades at the National and State level  award for yoga asanas and sun salutations. Being proficient in the technique and tools of Cyclic Meditation and Mind Imagery Technique (MIRT) her classes on guided meditation every week are well received and appreciated.

Contact: Dr. Sunita Wadhawan – 7745031818

Artist & Yoga Instructor

Mrs. India Maharashtra one in million 2021


Begin The Best Years Of Your Life With The Yogasutra Way Of Life – Yoga Exclusive Class

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