Varonica turning ladies into divas with her magic stroked

When we talked about the runway of Fashion Week and a bride who is ready for her new life it is renowned for its glitz, glamour and, of course, gorgeous clothes. But behind-the-scenes it’s a different matter altogether. Varonica, a professional makeup artist, from Hyderabad, is into bridal, fashion, covers, advertising, videos, day, evening, Arabic, Asian, commercial adds, photo shoots, modelling, she is dedicated to work for passion to fulfil each and everyone desire and fantasy of makeup, who come across her services, any time anywhere, she can work and travel all over India. Lately it seems like the more advanced we become as women, the more insecure we feel about the way we look. Women are always pointing out their flaws to me hoping they can make them go away with makeup. They only see what is “wrong” with them as they are trying to achieve someone else’s idea of perfection. Instead of looking for what to correct, Varonica focus on bringing out their best features. She believe looking good starts and ends with feeling beautiful from within. Make up is simply a reflection of that beauty. “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved”, and Varonica is a person who totally justifies this quote.

varonica1 varonica

Varonica, said, “I apply makeup like a watercolour painting, using sheer washes of colour, allowing the skin and a woman’s special loveliness to shine through. For this I use the right products in the right places to enhance natural beauty. I don’t use products because they are “the latest trend” but because they are the best product for the individual.”

Varonica makeup artist and stylist Finally after small Stint at MAC COSMETICS AND BOBBY brown in Toronto Canada she returned to her roots – India, Hyderabad to be specific! A  start with portfolios, media, tutorials and arts and then as the saying goes, “then there was no looking back”… she’s been there and done that all from Tollywood to Bollywood, from big fat weddings to Indian bridal and fashion weeks with top designers, from models to showstoppers her stroke of brushes and pat of camouflage has made girls look worth a million dollars! Her latest claim to fame is Indian fashion Street, Passionate Foundation Fashion Show (celebrities)and many more offers in her goody bag . let’s wait and watch for more ladies turning into divas with the magic stroked by Varonica.


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