Majaz (Ae Gham-E-Dil Kya Karun) is a BIOPIC film and a true story about an illustrious poet of 20th century “Asrarul Haq Majaz Lakhnavi” and his struggle for existence in his life. This film has been Produced by Dream Merchant Films and has three producers Dr. Madih, Ghazala Parveen and Shakeel Akhtar.

This film has been made with the intention to glorify the beauty and significance of the tradition, which has been castaway with the capricious taste of the masses and to promote language, culture and heritage. Through this film, we have tried to show the simplicity of relationships and the process of tackling the failure in life with the positivity of the situation. You will get to see the pure essence of love, compromise, failure, betrayal and life in this film. With a great effort and teamwork, this project is ready to take a race within the multitude of films. We did our best to bring the original ambience related to the characters, costumes, locations and the making.

The Director, Ravindra Singh has done a kudos job with the making. Having so much field pressure, tough script language, different period and culture, periodical locations but he still held his nerves and have done justice to the script. The characters in the film have a very close resemblance to the real characters that existed.

The film has been shot in Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Lucknow, Aligarh, Delhi, and Mumbai.

The main attraction, which will play an important role in the film, is its music. After a long period, this type of music is being presented which will refurbish the mind with every single track. Every song has its own style and passion, which reflects the emotion of the sequence.

The famous Ghazal maestro Talat Aziz has given the music as well as given his golden voice in the film accompanied by Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik. It was a stupendous experience during the production of the film. The main reason behind the accomplishment of this project is the perception that we carried in the team.

Dream Merchant Films’ Majaz Ae Gham-E-Dil Kya Karun’ Music Launch by Khayyam Saab

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