Himgiri Spiritual Research And Training Center  celebrated ‘Avirbhav Parv’ with Varun Sharma and Shera

Himgiri Spiritual Research And Training Center  celebrated ‘Avirbhav Parv’ with Varun Sharma, Shera , MP Maval Loksabha Member, Shri Shrirang Barane, and also the attendees were Yogesh Radhakrishnan Sevadhaar & Dada(Tarun Shahani) Gurudham Mukhya Sevadhaar who joined on this spiritual day.

In the beautiful valley of Lonavla, this yagya became more auspicious and peace to the soul.

‘Avirbhav Parv’ is the celebration of the emergence or birth of this energy… ‘Your Guru’

This journey of evolution begins with the first step of awareness. This process of our Evolution is celebrated by performing the ‘ Pradurbhav Yagya’.

We celebrated the emergence of your Guru by bringing him closer towards you as we collectively send a message to our sub- conscious and our thoughts into the universe, to help us and guide us on this path towards self actualisation and beyond.

Every one needs a guiding force for the soul and mind and this yagya helps us do that…

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