ARI Registry Services provider carrying a colossal colonial hang-up against India

New Delhi, 17 July, 2018: ARI Registry Services is a domain name registry provider based out of Australia. It claims to be at the forefront of the Internet revolution, at least in the way we navigate on the web.

Since 2015 it is part of Neustar, Inc. which is a venture capital owned US provider of domain name registry services, that was recently thrown out by the Australian country code .AU regulator for poor services and technology.

Therefore, it is shocking to see this Australian registry provider carrying a colossal colonial hang-up against India.

The company’s website carries a news item ( announcing the opening of its office in New Delhi, dated April 1, 2014. The report states that the office has been opened “in response to market demands for cheaper back-end Registry service providers.” It further adds: “Quality staff and technology was available in India, but we strategically chose against this to pass on savings to our clients.” It states that Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI/Neustar made a commitment that ARI/Neustar will cut as many corners as possible to reduce costs. His quote: “If there is going to be a race to the bottom, then we want to win it. You’d literally have to set up operations in a Cambodian sweatshop to beat us.”

The report carries on to note that “Clients interested in on-boarding to our new cheaper Registry system are advised to expect heavy delays, poor support and inferior quality.”

Does a company such as this, really have the right to set up shop in India? Hopefully this is being noted by the Government.

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