WEE’s WEE Clean Social Project for rural & slum ladies with brand ambassador Priyanka Pol in Borivali National Park organized by WEE Founder Chaitali Chatterjee

WEE’s Social Projects:

It’s great pleasure to share “WEE Clean Project” which will work towards sanitization of underprivileged girls and contribute on sanitary napkins and handsanitizers.

Under this project, Chaitali Chatterjee, Founder of WEE-Women Entrepreneurs Enclave along with the Project’s Brand Ambassador Mrs. Priyanka Pol, Mrs.  Universe 2017 distributed around  1140 packets of sanitary napkins and hand sanitizers to tribal girls and ladies of villages and school of Borivali National Park today.

The Entire Project is managed by ShreOM Communications and Solutions which is run by Chaitali Chatterjee. Mrs.  Amisha Parekh, Trustee Seva Trust NGO helped in the entire distribution.


Celebrity Pop singer Anaida, who is also the owner of chain of restaurants also supported the cause today by explaining about “Good touch and bad touch” to the school girls. Pratiksha Jain and Archana Modi,  Trustees of Reachout Foundation also supported today’s distribution. Kalyani’s Kamble, Life Coach explained about the importance of sanitary napkins and how to use and dispose them properly. Dr. Prachi Patel, owner of Dr. Prachi’s Novacutis Clinic explained the use and importance of hand sanitizer. Sushmita Shrivastav and Mona Shrivastav, Directors of Utility Hygiene Products pvt. Ltd. also supported the cause by getting the sanitary napkins named 24 Feminine. Other WEE members who were also present were Madhumita Ghosh, Suparna Chakhoborty, Neetu Palan, Hira Mehta, Ekta Bhargav and Swati.


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