Ample Missiion’s short film FREEDOM will change your outlook this Independence Day

Dr Aneel Kashi Murarka & Sidhaant Murarka bring to you a short film  called “Freedom” this independence day which will change your outlook towards life and valueing the meaning of real freedom from a small boy’s perspective.

This short film is about a boy who experiences some unusual incident while playing, which traumatises him so much that he then realises the real meaning of Freedom.The incident leaves a great impact on the boys mind that he understands the real meaning of freedom for everyone. He performs such an act of kindness that it will create a great impact on everyones mind and leave a great message for society.


This film launched was graced by Guruma Dr Hansa Yogendra ji , Swami Devendra Bhai jee , Dr Aneel Kashi Murarka , Mr Sushil Pandey (Actor) , Mr Sidhaant Murarka , Mr Arif Khan Actor (Anil Kapoor Lookalike)

Writer n Director

Sohel F Fidai

Produced by :

Dr Aneel Murarka and Sidhaant Murarka

Directed by :

Sohel F Fidai

Aaditya Singh

Story, Screenplay n Dialogues by :

Sohel F Fidai

Dop :

Dhiraj Katkade

Editor : Madhubrata Mohanty

*ing Musa Mallick, Sonam Arora

Its a Ample Missiion Presentation

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