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Former President of India Pranab Mukherjee Passes Away at Delhi

Former President of India Pranab Mukherjee  Passes Away at Delhi

Former president Pranab Mukherjee, who had recently undergone a surgery for removal of a clot in his brain, passed away on August 31. He was 84. Prior to the surgery, the Mukherjee had also tested positive for COVID-19. Mukherjee’s son, Abhijit, informed about the development in a tweet.

With a Heavy Heart , this is to inform you that my father Shri #PranabMukherjee has just passed away inspite of the best efforts of Doctors of RR Hospital & prayers ,duas & prarthanas from people throughout India !

The Indian Army’s Research and Referral Hospital in New Delhi had said late on August 12 that Mukherjee’s condition had remained critical and that he was on ventilator support.

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Sandip Soparrkar Dance Classes Are The First In The Country To Open Post Unlock Announcement

Sandip Soparrkar Dance Classes Are The First In The Country To Open Post Unlock Announcement

Mumbaiites have restyled their life to adjust to the lockdown due to Covid-19 – from juggling work and personal life while working from home, a disrupted body clock cycle, to rethinking how outdoor businesses can adapt, managing house work without hired helps. Now the dance studio in Mumbai are opening after 3-month since the start of the COVID-19. Bollywood ace choreographer Sandip Soparrkar opened his Sandip Soparrkar’s Ballroom Studio located at Bandra, Juhu, Andheri, Goregaon & many other centers. He ensures gloves and Masks for their students, premises disinfected, hand sanitisers available, Social Distancing and Limited number of students. Sandip Soparrkar ballroom dance studio is the first dance class in the country to open its dance floor to students again keeping all the “New Normal” life in mind.

Sandip Soparrkar said, “When the government announced unlock, I took the step of opening the classes again, we are following all the possible rules of the new normal.

I am glad the students have shown faith in what we are offering to them and have come ahead to dance again. We all have to slowly but surly make a start and I am humbled to be leading the way.’

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Mumbaikar Vikash Pal Working As An Actor

Mumbaikar Vikash Pal Working As An Actor

22-years-old Vikash Pal, who hails from Kurla, who has a diploma in acting courses from SRM and wants to achieve a good place in the film industry and brighten the name of his family, millions of people in Mumbai work hard for this, So that he can fly with his dreams, even then only few people are able to fulfill their dreams, but if they have the courage to fulfill their dreams, then they can fulfill their dreams.

Likewise, Vikash Pal is today engaged in fulfilling his dreams, for which he made his debut with an add shoot which is from Krishnarthi brand, and in this ad shoot, he is working as an actor,  Although this is his first start, he is also feeling very good, that he will give his full contribution in this work.

Everything can be done by trying, but it is necessary for us to take our step forward, many people are left only in their thinking that they have to do something in the future, But if seen, your future is made by your decision today, we try to make quotes for actors like Vikash Pal so that everyone can fulfill his dream.

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An Iinvisible Hand Guided My Destiny Says Lord Bhikhu Parekh At A Lively Online Session Of Ek Mulakat Organized By Prabha Khaitan Foundation

An Iinvisible Hand Guided My Destiny Says Lord Bhikhu Parekh At A Lively Online Session Of Ek Mulakat Organized By Prabha Khaitan Foundation

An `invisible hand’ guided my destiny, says Lord Bhikhu Parekh

 29 August 2020, Kolkata: Leading political theorist, academic and life peer, Lord Bhikhu Parekh, shared his life experiences and views from London at a lively online session of Ek Mulakat organized by Prabha Khaitan Foundation. Lord Parekh responded to questions pertaining to women empowerment, Sanskrit, the English education system in India, immigration, parental love, and so on in conversation with Lady Mohini Kent Noon at the session attended by a global audience.

Lord Bhikhu Chotalal Parekh had an illustrious career as an academician and thinker. He got his PhD from the London School of Economics (LSE) and pioneered the concept of multiculturalism and harmony in Britain. He is the recipient of Padma Bhushan and also won the Global Thinker Award – Sir Isaiah Berlin Prize among many others.

Born in Amalsad, Gujarat, in 1935, Bhikhu was expected to join his family profession as a goldsmith. “My school head master influenced me to join college. At St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, I met a fascinating professor who encouraged me to do my Master’s and I joined the University of Bombay. There I met Prof Usha Mehta who guided me to go to the UK and I ended up at the London School of Economics. Again, an invisible hand in the shape of Prof Michael Oakeshott, one of the greatest philosophers of 20thCentury, who, for some reason, took an interest in me, helped me and the rest  is history,” Lord Bhikhu Parekh said.

“There are four important turning points in my life and at each of these some individuals came along and helped me. True to my past, I have dedicated my life to help young people navigate their lives in a way I have navigated mine,” he said.

“Prabha Khaitan Foundation’s initiatives have brought together great minds and talents. Lord Bhikhu Parekh is an erudite personality, whose life and works inspire all our viewers. We have many more such enlightening sessions lined up for the future,” Manisha Jain, Branding & Communication Chief, Prabha Khaitan Foundation.

Referring to the topic of gender equality in India, Lord Parekh said, “We must remember that the woman as a mother has rights which woman as a daughter and wife don’t have. Mahatma Gandhi was first to bring the largest number of women in public life by appealing to their motherly nursing instinct. Equality of women, in all spheres of life, is slowly happening in India.”

As a youth he had an inner impulse to make some sense of the world around him and refused to be a conformist, challenging some of the traditions and customs. Recounting his childhood memories, Lord Parekh said, “Once a so-called `untouchable’ woman touched me and my mother screamed at me to go an have a shower. I could not understand – Why should my mother’s touch be OK and this woman’s touch required a shower? I could gather courage to stand up against such questions because I could count on my parents’ love. Love gave me the courage to stand up.”

Lord Parekh shared another childhood anecdote that had a deep impact on him. “Once a woman came to my father and handed over her bangle and asked for Rs 400. My father said it was worth Rs 200. The woman insisted she be given at least Rs 300. My father threw the bangle at her and went inside for his afternoon siesta. The woman said to me, I have a son like you who is ill and I cannot pay the doctor’s fee without the money. I went and woke up my father. As she got the money she held my hand and said `May God bless and you have a good future’. Since then, my life’s work has been on equality. The ideas of equality and inequality were planted in me.”

Referring to the overwhelming influence of English among the Indian elites, Lord Parekh said, “The relation between India and Bharat is a very complex one. Even today, when you talk about Bharat, you are talking about a 3000-year-old land. Our consciousness is out of pace with the language. My feeling is that I would have loved India to go for a single language like the Israelis did with Hebrew.”

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Film on the life of former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav The First Song recorded in the voice of Shaan

Film on the life of former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav  The First Song recorded in the voice of Shaan

The Mahurat of the film *Akhilesh Yadav “The Socialist Warrior”, which was made under the banner of Stair 9 Production has been recorded on 29 August 2020 at his recording studio in Khar, Mumbai.  The song is sung by the famous singer Shaan.

On this occasion, the film’s writer Kunwar Harshit “Rajveer”, Director Vijay Verma, Producer Vinod Kumar Yadav, Co-Producer Mohammad Haroon Rayeen ,and Lyricist Amitabh Ranjan etc. were present.

Director Vijay Verma said that the mahurat of the film will be done in Lucknow soon and shooting of the film will start from November. The film will be shot in various locations i.e Saifai, Lucknow, Kannauj, Delhi and Sydney in Australia.The film is a biography of former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav.

उत्तरप्रदेश के पूर्व मुख्यमंत्री अखिलेश यादव के जीवन पर फ़िल्म शान की आवाज़ में रेकॉर्ड हुआ गाना

स्टेयर9 प्रोडक्शन के बैनर तले बनने वाली फिल्म अखिलेश यादव “द सोशलिस्ट वारियर का मुहूर्त प्रसिद्ध गायक शान द्वारा गाये गाने से 29 अगस्त 2020 को खार मुम्बई स्थिति शान के अपने रिकॉर्डिंग स्टूडियो में सम्पन्न हुआ।

इस अवसर पर फ़िल्म के लेखक कुंवर हर्षित “राजवीर”, डायरेक्टर विजय वर्मा, प्रोड्यूसर विनोद कुमार यादव, को प्रोड्यूसर मो0 हारून राइन, एवं गीतकार अमिताभ रंजन आदि मौजूद थे।


डायरेक्टर विजय वर्मा ने बताया कि फ़िल्म का मुहूर्त जल्द ही लखनऊ में किया जाएगा और नवम्बर माह से फ़िल्म की शूटिंग शुरू की जाएगी। इस फ़िल्म की शूटिंग सैफई, लखनऊ, कन्नौज, दिल्ली एवं ऑस्ट्रेलिया स्थित सिडनी में होगी।

यह फ़िल्म उत्तर प्रदेश के पूर्व मुख्यमंत्री अखिलेश यादव जी की बायोग्राफी है।

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