Dr. Aarti Oriya, M.D (A.M), Accupuncturist, Holistic Naturopath, Vedic Food Consultant is a force to reckon in the field of alternate medicine with 20 glorious years of experience.

Her proficiency and expertise lie in blending the arenas of  Acupuncture and Ayurvedic way of living and eating.

Her arenas of clinical focus include- mind & energy, emotional health, anxiety and depression alleviation, strength & stamina -boosters, stress balance, challenges of life, conflict management, decision – making, body, spine health and posture management, pain management, cosmetic contouring (face and body) and sports medicine.

She treats her patients by using a varying combination of pulse diagnosis and acupuncture, constitutional food analysis, medical astrology and individual medical vastu.

As an ‘Energy Flow Specialist’ her endeavour is to make the mind and body work in synergy by dissolving the negative emotional blocks in a person to ensure that the energy in the body would flow smooth for the mind to function optimally to keep the diseases at bay “Negative emotions are the crux of all our issues, they need to be resolved as every human life has a right to live with freedom, good health and positivity. Through apt diagnosis it can be rooted out and the ailments will disappear for good, or else if treated only symptomatically, the problems will persist and resurface from time to time, therefore curing from the root is necessary and this is possible”


Her soul purpose is attaining the optimum balance and synergy in mind, body, energy by providing guidance to lead a life of good health ensuring that the path of good health is not deviated from once attained.

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