If you want Chikni Patli Kamar even after cheat meal try this soup by Anisha V Ranjan

Nowadays keeping yourself fit has become very important not only for yourself but also to show others. Well, you must have heard about celebrity nutritionist Anisha V. Ranjan. More recently, Anisha has suggested to drink a detox soup on her Instagram. She said that if you can’t even skip the cheat meal and still want a slim waist, then this detox soup will go a long way in giving you the waist you want.

Anisha V Ranjan, while posting the video of making this soup, wrote in the caption, “If you want to take the next meal after a lot of cheats for a slim waist, then try this soup, and tell me if you liked it or not. Also Anisha wrote that what are the ingredients needed to make this soup. Anisha also clarified that if you are searching for weight loss then this soup will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Anisha V Ranjan has helped many big celebrities to give their favorite body till now. The special thing about Anisha V Ranjan diet plans is that she never asks for food in small quantities or to eat tasteless food. The taste of each and every food given in their diet plan will also be full, which you can enjoy. Anisha is very famous these days for giving diet tips for those who follow her on her Instagram page.

Many popular celebrities share the results after following the diet given by her by making videos on Instagram and tagging Anisha.

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