Grand Opening Ceremony At Dagdu Seth Ganapathi Temple For Upcoming Marathi Film ROPE By S S Creations

In a splendid event held at the revered Dagdu Seth Ganapathi Temple in Pune, the auspicious ‘Muharat’ for the upcoming Marathi film “Rope,” produced by S S Creations, was successfully conducted. The ceremony saw the esteemed presence of the film’s producers, Mr. Sai Nagraj and Ms. Surjana, as well as the director, Mr. Surya. The leading cast members, including Mr. Upendra Limaye, Ms. Shruti Shetty, Mr. Kapil Gudsurkar, Mr. Rusubh More, and the talented child artist Dhruti, were also in attendance.

The event garnered a distinguished guest list, featuring executive producer Mr. Kapil Jondhale, production designer Mr. Neranglwar Raj Goud, production manager Mr. Babasaheb Patil, and other key members of the production team. The film’s creative contributors included story writer Mr. B Sudharshan, dialogue writer Mr. Sanjay Navgire, and music director Mr. Rajveer Gaangji, with lyrics penned by Mr. Mandar Cholkar.

Among the attendees, the ceremony also witnessed the presence of the Associate Director, Mr. Dhanjay Sable, and the art director, Mr. Prakash Shingare. The film’s co-director, Mr. Ashish Pawar, and costume designer Ms. Archana Bukkawar, added their creative essence to the upcoming cinematic endeavor. The publicity design was masterfully crafted by Mr. Jay Kumbhare, while still photography was adeptly handled by Mr. Akash Pawar.

The event was graced with the divine blessings and dignified presence of the temple’s authorities. The producers, Mr. Nagraj and Ms. Surjana, expressed their gratitude and enthusiasm for the upcoming film, sharing their commitment to creating an exceptional cinematic experience. Director Mr. Surya spoke passionately about the hard work and dedication that went into the making of “Rope,” following their previous Marathi film. He extended heartfelt appreciation to the producers for providing local talent in Pune with remarkable opportunities.

As the film production embarks on its journey, the excitement for “Rope” continues to grow within the hearts of both the creative team and the eager audience. Stay tuned for more updates and a captivating cinematic experience brought to life by S S Creations.


Grand Opening Ceremony At Dagdu Seth Ganapathi Temple For Upcoming Marathi Film ROPE By S S Creations

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