Grand Felicitation Ceremony For Samudrajeta Aryan Surjeet Dadiala’s 6 World Records At Hopup Mumbai

Mumbai –  VIP Delegates Gather at HopUp Mumbai to Celebrate Samudrajeta Aryan Surjeet Dadiala’s 6 World Records under the guidance of Mentor Shri Rahul Chiplunkar, Coach Mohan Reddy and Guide Subodh Sule,

Mumbai witnessed an exceptional gathering of VIP delegates at the esteemed HopUp venue, as they came together to celebrate the remarkable achievements of Samudrajeta Aryan Surjeet Dadiala. Aryan, a proud resident of Maharashtra, has earned acclaim for achieving six world records by the year 2024. The felicitation ceremony, organized at HopUp Mumbai, marked the convergence of tradition and contemporary celebrations, symbolizing the fusion of Aryan’s accomplishments with the cultural richness of Maharashtra.

The VIP delegates, representing various fields, attended the event to honor Aryan’s extraordinary feats. Aryan’s six world records, achieved till 2024, have not only brought pride to Maharashtra but have also earned international recognition.

In addition to the VIP delegates, eight distinguished members from NCP Udyog joined the ceremony to recognize and felicitate Samudrajeta Aryan Surjeet Dadiala. The event emphasized the importance of acknowledging and supporting local talent, with Aryan being a shining example.

Despite residing in Maharashtra, Aryan was not widely recognized for his achievements. The felicitation ceremony aimed to bridge this gap, shedding light on the incredible talent within the state and providing a platform for Aryan to share his journey.

Aryan Surjeet Dadiala expressed his gratitude for the honor bestowed upon him and shared his enthusiasm for achieving more milestones in the future. The VIP delegates and NCP Udyog members expressed their anticipation for Aryan’s upcoming accomplishments, pledging their support in promoting and nurturing local talent.

Samudrajeta Aryan Surjeet Dadiala’s journey and achievements exemplify the potential for greatness within Maharashtra. The felicitation ceremony at HopUp Mumbai was a momentous occasion, celebrating not only the six world records but also the promise of more to come.


Grand Felicitation Ceremony For Samudrajeta Aryan Surjeet Dadiala’s 6 World Records At Hopup Mumbai

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