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India-Born Dr Abdul Basit Syed Awarded FREEDOM OF THE CITY OF LONDON For Global Humanitarian And Educational Contributions

India-Born Dr  Abdul Basit Syed Awarded FREEDOM OF THE CITY OF LONDON For Global Humanitarian And Educational Contributions

*London, September 21, 2023* – Dr. Abdul Basit Syed, an India-born founder of the International NGO “WORLD HUMANITARIAN DRIVE,” was bestowed with the prestigious ‘Freedom of the City of London’ Award. This honor recognizes his exceptional dedication to fostering UK-India relations and making a lasting impact on the fields of education, humanitarianism, and trade on a global scale.
The ceremony, steeped in centuries-old tradition, took place at the Chamberlain’s Court at Guildhall in London on September 18, 2023. This honor, dating back to the year 1237, symbolizes more than just a title—it carries with it certain responsibilities associated with the Lord Mayor’s office.
Dr. Abdul Basit Syed has long championed the cause of global humanitarianism, considering individuals like him as torchbearers for a harmonious society. His organization, ‘WHD,’ has initiated numerous peace and educational events, including “Trade 4 Peace,” “The Science Bazaar,” and “World Moral Day.”
“The Science Bazaar” in Chennai, India, held on March 6th and 7th, 2020, showcased 834 groundbreaking innovations and gadgets designed to support differently-abled individuals worldwide, showcasing India’s unique innovations.
“Trade 4 Peace” focuses on promoting global economic integration and businesses as a pathway to peace, working closely with leaders, dignitaries, and prominent speakers from over 25 countries to support India’s sustainable development goals.
Dr. Abdul Basit Syed’s initiatives have garnered the support of esteemed patrons, including RT. Hon. Chris Philp, Minister of State for Crime, Policing and Fire, UK, HE Anthony Carmona SC ORTT, 5th President of Trinidad & Tobago, and HE Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, Former President of Parliament Luxembourg.
He remains confident that countries like India, under visionary leadership, will pioneer efforts to protect the planet, championing a green revolution that generates jobs, reduces emissions, and limits global temperature rise.
The legacy of the ‘Freedom of the City of London’ title is shared with historical figures such as Queen Elizabeth II, Florence Nightingale, Winston Churchill, Jawaharlal Nehru, Margaret Thatcher, as well as luminaries like Professor Stephen Hawking and Morgan Freeman.
During the ceremony, Dr. Abdul Basit Syed was escorted to the Court by the Beadle, donned in traditional attire. The Clerk of the Court, adorned in a silk gown, oversaw the unique ceremony, which included Dr. Abdul Basit Syed reading the ‘Declaration of a Freeman’ and signing the Freeman’s Declaration Book.
Dr. Abdul Basit Syed’s recognition underscores the profound impact of his global humanitarian efforts and dedication to fostering positive international relations through education and trade, making him a beacon of inspiration on the world stage.


India-Born Dr  Abdul Basit Syed Awarded FREEDOM OF THE CITY OF LONDON For Global Humanitarian And Educational Contributions

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The Grand Rocket In Kanakia Silicon Valley Unveiled Rockey Boys – R Madhavan And Nambi Narayanan Sir Cheer For The Rocket Of Another Kind

The Grand Rocket In Kanakia Silicon Valley Unveiled  Rockey Boys – R Madhavan And Nambi Narayanan Sir Cheer For The Rocket Of Another Kind

During The Launch Of ‘Kanakia Sillicon Valley’, Actor R Madhavan And Ex-ISRO Scientist Nambi Narayanan Together Salutes The ‘Rocket’ Of Another Kind*

Both Dignitaries Were Present During The Unveiling Ceremony Of ‘Kanakia Sillicon Valley’, A  Luxurious Township In Powai, Mumbai, Where A Rocket-Like Structure Has Been Specially Erected To Salute India’s Recent Sojourn To Moon

In the spirit of India’s glorious sojourn to the moon, Kanakia Developers have now come up with the monumental idea of paying rich tribute to the giant stride India has taken to the space which has not only made the world to sit and take notice of our great achievement but it has also made each and every Indian proud to the core!

At the spacious residential complex of ‘Kanakia Silicon Valley’, a special Rocket-like structure has been erected as it is a great and gratifying symbol of  upliftment and upward mobility in one’s life. The huge residential township consisting of  1000 flats at ‘Kanakia Silicon Valley’ is being constructed in the posh suburbs which is  conveniently located at  Powai, Mumbai.

The grand unveiling of ‘Rocket: Landscape Amenities, Club Reboot and Cloud’ was done on 9th September, 2023 with great fun-fare. The unveiling was done by none other than our own  Rocket man R Madhavan who made the film ‘Rocketary : The Nambi Effect’ on ex-ISRO space scientist Nambi Narayanan. The writer, actor, director and producer of the film, R Madhavan was also  bestowed upon with the  National Award in the Best Film category for his monumental efforts to make this film.

Interestingly, along with R Madhavan, the great aerospace scientist  Nambi Narayanan himself was also present who looked very pleased to be invited for the unveiling ceremony. The specially erected Rocket-like structure reminded him of his glorious days as a scientist at ISRO.

‘Kanakia Silicon Valley’ is the newest address for those who desire to live a luxurious life in comfortable and spacious homes with all the modern amenities within the vicinity of the township. Situated at the posh suburb of Powai in Mumbai, ‘Kanakia Silicon Valley’ caught the eye of the buyers after seeing a Rocket-like structure built within the premises of the township. The Rocket in the township is a special tribute to India’s space missions over the years and the country’s recent sojourn to the moon through which India was able to scale  new heights.

Along with the township,  the Rocket was also unveiled with much fun-fare. With all its  glitter and glamour,  effective and attractive  lighting thrown in and the bursting of crackers it seemed as if one of the  real Rockets is being sent to another space mission. What made the occasion extra special was that the Rocket was unveiled in the presence of Rocket Boys : R. Madhavan and ex-ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan who cheered for the Rocket of another kind.

Talking as a chief guest during the unveiling of ‘Kanakia Sillicon Valley’ R Madhavan said, “I am glad someone thought of paying tribute to the rich  legacy of our space missions over the years and our recent stride to moon through Chandrayaan-3, in a unique and innovative way. I am happy that I and Nambi Narayanan sir both have been chosen to inaugurate this prestigious project. The thoughtfully constructed Rocket-like structure in the premises symbolises the spirit of India which has reached a place over the moon where no one has ever attempted to land before.”

The construction at ‘Kanakia Silicon Valley’ is in full swing. Out of the  total 1000 flats being constructed under the project, total 550 flats are now ready and other 450 flats would be ready in another few months. Situated at the premium location of Mumbai, the jaw dropping grandeur of ‘Kanakia Silicon Valley’ is to be seen to be believed! It consists of 40 world class amenities which includes one of the biggest swimming pools, a grand club house, ultra modern home theatre,  aqua gym, two cafes with soul smoothing ambiences, high end gymnasium spread across 4.5 acres of landscape in the vicinity of 8.5 acres of township.

‘Kanakia Sillicon Valley’ is reminiscent of a futuristic township which stands for qualitative, luxurious and spacious living with all the modern amenities which anyone  can ever imagine. The Kanakia’s believe that specially built Rocket in the township will inspire people from present and future generations so that they dream big and do better than ever before in life. The idea behind such a unique structure is the  manifestation of dreams that every person has about owning a home one day.

During the unveiling ceremony Himanshu Kanakia, MD (Kanakia Group), Ashish Kanakia, CEO Cineline India Ltd., Vishal Doshi, Vice President – Sales and Marketing (Kanakia Group) were also present. MD Himanshu Kanakia said, “Erecting a permanent Rocket-like structure in the vicinity is our way to salute all the efforts of our space  scientists who have been  working hard to make India proud.Rocket is the symbol of vertical mobility and it has been created in such a way that every inch of the ambiences of the property could inspire and ignite millions of dreams together.”

Established in 1985, Kanakia Developers is known to build world class residential projects and homes which came  from out of the box ideas. The promoters of Kanakia Developers not only believe in providing luxurious and comfortable living to the customers but they have always been imaginative while fulfilling the dreams of their esteemed home buyers. Be it ‘Boomerang’, ‘Wall Street’ or ‘Paris’, every residential project built till now by Kanakia’s reflects their commitment to provide with luxurious lifestyle to the home buyers at affordable rates.

The Grand Rocket In Kanakia Silicon Valley Unveiled  Rockey Boys – R Madhavan And Nambi Narayanan Sir Cheer For The Rocket Of Another Kind

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Muhurat Of Hindi Mythological Show Kashi Vishwanath Produced By Kamalashree Films And Producer Dilip Sonkar

Muhurat Of Hindi Mythological Show Kashi Vishwanath Produced By Kamalashree Films And Producer Dilip Sonkar

Shooting Starts on 21st September in the Madh Island area of Mumbai. Where the shooting was started after auspicious time with worship and recitation of Vedic mantras by the learned Acharyas under the leadership of Acharya Suresh Chandra Shukla ji and Pandit Atul Shukla ji who came from Kashi.

Producer Dilip Sonkar said on this occasion that it is being made with the aim of spreading the vast Sanatan culture across the world through the TV serial Kashi Vishwanath. This serial has been brought on the floors after a year of hard work by a team of about 50 people at the Mumbai office of Kamalashree Films. The in-depth research work of this religious serial has been done by FTI passout Dr. DL Kashyap, who has 25 years of experience in thorough research on Kashi. In this serial, famous artists and actors from the film and TV world are going to be seen in the roles mentioned in the Puranas.

Famous actors from the TV world will be seen along with Vishal Karwal in the role of Gagan Malik, the main character Lord Vishwanath, and Vishal Karwal in the role of the protector Lord Srihari. The playback voice of Harish Bimani has been used in it, who is a well-known playback singer of Bollywood, who has given his strong voice in many films and serials starting from BR Chopra’s serial Mahabharata.

Creative producer of this serial Ranjit Kawale said that the TV serial is being depicted in detail from the story of Adi Visheshwar Shiva Linga located in Gyanvapi in Kashi Vishwanath to the origin and culture of Virat Hindu Sanatan Dharma as described in the Vedas and sacred mythological texts. are mentioned.

Let us tell you that creative producer Ranjit Kawle is making tireless efforts to bring the stories depicting the sacred land of Kashi and its importance on screen. Its associate producers are Himanshu Tiwari, Dhanjay Singh and Ajay Singh. Kashi’s Lal Dilip Sonkar has taken up the responsibility of producing this serial.

It is noteworthy that his popular serials have been “Ranbheri, Lal Rekha and “Parshuram” which have been liked by the people a lot. Now Dilip Sonkar is taking the story of Kashi Vishwanath Ki Mahima, Gyanvapi Ki Katha, etc. from Visheshwar to Gauri Shringaar to the people. Are ready for.

He said that by next year, apart from the national channel of Doordarshan, viewers will be able to watch this serial on many channels and OTT platforms of the country. Shri Dilip Sonkar told that Kashi is the Anandvan of Mahadev Shiva, the great cremation ground of Mahakaal, Kashi, the favorite city of Bhole Shankar, where Lord Shiva himself is always present in the form of Baba Vishwanath, he says that our religious texts, Puranas, are not myths but history,

It is a mirror of our Sanatan Dharma and indicative of our ancient culture and civilization. It is clearly mentioned in the same religious texts that Kashi is the oldest city in the world, which is situated on the tip of Lord Shiva’s trident.

In the creation of the serial, the ideas of the scholars of Kashi are being taken under the leadership of senior BJP leader and former MP Dr. Vijay Sonkar Shastri.

In which all the personalities associated with Kashi Vishwanath temple and the pilgrim priests have been included, so that no story related to Kashi Vishwanath is left out in this TV serial and the vitality mentioned in the Puranas also remains intact.

To present the events related to Kashi in an entertaining manner, its script has been prepared by Gopal Verma, who has written the scripts of many mythological serials. The serial is being directed by Sharad Pandey ji. The songs are being composed by Suresh Tiwari, associate of late Ravindra Jain. In this TV serial, Gagan Malik, Vindhya Tiwari, Jhalak Desai, Deepak Dutt Sharma, Ranjit Kawal, Kunal Singh Rajput, Ramesh Goyal, Nirbhay Wadhwa, Ashtabhuja Mishra, Om Shankar Pandey, Many famous TV stars like Shiv Yadav, Riya Soni, Bravani Parashar, Arun Bakshi, Mukul Nag, Aman Maheshwari, Swarnim Neema, Sakshi Parihar, Raja Kapse, Sunil Nagar etc. will be seen.

Sita Deepika Chikhaliya of serial Ramayana was also present at the time of Muhurta. He said that the concept of Kashi Vishwanath is very good. I will also try to play a character in this serial. I congratulate and best wishes to the entire team including producer Dilip Sonkar.

Muhurat Of Hindi Mythological Show “Kashi Vishwanath” Produced By Kamalashree Films And Producer Dilip Sonkar

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Huma Qureshi Shooting For Magnolia Bags – Concept N Execution By Zoommantra… Magnolia Bags Unveils Iconic Ad Shoot Campaign With Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi Shooting For Magnolia Bags – Concept N Execution By Zoommantra… Magnolia Bags Unveils Iconic Ad Shoot Campaign With Huma Qureshi

[Mumbai, 21st September, 2023] – Magnolia Bags, a leading name in the fashion industry, proudly announces its latest ad shoot campaign featuring the talented actress Huma Qureshi. The campaign highlights Magnolia Bags’ commitment to elegance and quality, making it the perfect choice for fashion-conscious individuals.

Founded by Mr. Basit Ali, a veteran with over 20 years of experience in the bag industry, Magnolia Bags is known for its dedication to quality craftsmanship. Their handbags, designed to meet every woman’s needs and style, are made from the highest quality PU material. Notably, Magnolia Bags prides itself on being an ethical choice, as no animal skin is used in their products. The ad shoot campaign was executed in collaboration with Zoommantra Productions, bringing together a creative team led by Director Kumar Siddharth and Actor/Director Rohit Bose Roy to showcase Magnolia Bags’ elegance and Huma Qureshi’s charm.

One unique aspect of Magnolia Bags is the peel-off warranty that comes with their products, offering consumers a three-year guarantee of quality. This warranty underscores the brand’s commitment to durability and customer satisfaction.

In a world where ethical and sustainable fashion choices are becoming increasingly important, Magnolia Bags emerges as the best possible alternative to traditional leather products. Their dedication to style, quality, and ethical sourcing sets them apart in the fashion industry.

Huma Qureshi’s involvement in this campaign adds a touch of grace and charm that aligns perfectly with Magnolia Bags’ ethos. The campaign, scheduled for release soon, promises to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

About Magnolia Bags:

Magnolia Bags is a renowned fashion brand known for its commitment to quality and ethics. Their handcrafted products, made from the highest quality PU material, offer an ethical alternative to traditional leather, without compromising on style.


Huma Qureshi Shooting For Magnolia Bags – Concept N Execution By Zoommantra… Magnolia Bags Unveils Iconic Ad Shoot Campaign With Huma Qureshi

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Motivational Master Class By Ashish Vidyarthi Inspires Students At Asian School Of Business

Motivational Master Class By Ashish Vidyarthi Inspires Students At Asian School Of Business

Noida: In a captivating and enlightening event, the Asian School of Business was privileged to host the esteemed actor and motivational speaker, Ashish Vidyarthi, for a Motivational Master Class that left an indelible mark on the minds of the eager students. Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of Asian Education Group, introduced the event, highlighting the importance of hard work, setting priorities, and the challenges that come with success.

Ashish Vidyarthi, a National Film Award-winning actor with a career spanning 26 years and over 200 films in 11 languages, took the stage to share his life experiences and wisdom with the enthralled audience. His words were not only motivational but also packed with genuine enthusiasm, making the Master Class an unforgettable experience.

The Master Class, described by many as powerful and full of real-life insights, shed light on the multifaceted nature of Ashish Vidyarthi’s journey. He is not only a celebrated actor but also the founder of Ashish Vidyarthi & Associates, a platform dedicated to Leadership Conversations with Corporates through Avid Miner Transformation Modules. This initiative has contributed to over 100 organizations in India and abroad.

Mr. Vidyarthi’s rich life experiences, garnered from working across diverse cultures and scenarios, have been meticulously crafted into jargon-free, easy-to-comprehend, and application-friendly conversations. These conversations have been curated into experiential learning programs designed to meet the unique needs of various organizations. Notable organizations that have benefited from his services include Wipro, Mahindra & Mahindra, Bayer, Dell, Accenture, IOC, and HSBC, among others.

In his inspirational session, Ashish Vidyarthi emphasized the significance of hard work and the absence of shortcuts on the path to success. He urged students to set clear priorities in their lives and stay committed to their goals. His message resonated deeply with the young minds in attendance, leaving them inspired and ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

The Motivational Master Class by Ashish Vidyarthi was a resounding success, leaving an indomitable spirit of determination and motivation in its wake. The Asian School of Business is grateful to Mr. Vidyarthi for his valuable insights and hopes that his wisdom will continue to guide and inspire the students in their academic and professional journeys. Later Dr. Sandeep Marwah honoured Ashish for his extra ordinary contribution to Cinema.

Motivational Master Class By Ashish Vidyarthi Inspires Students At Asian School Of Business

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Shreya Foundation Honored Mahima Chaudhry – Manish Wadhwa With SHREYA BHARAT AWARD

Shreya Foundation Honored Mahima Chaudhry – Manish Wadhwa With SHREYA BHARAT AWARD

Chairman Hemant K. Rai’s Birthday Celebrated – Poster Of Films DHAAAK And Lalach Launched

Shreya Foundation honored people working in various fields of the society with ‘Shreya Bharat Award 2023″ in a grand award ceremony organized at Five Star Hotel Novotel, Mumbai. On this occasion, the birthday of chairman Mr. Hemant K. Rai was also celebrated. It was celebrated by cutting the cake. Pardes’ heroine Mahima Chaudhary and Gadar 2 villain Manish Wadhwa were present as chief guests, who were also given this honor and many people were honored at their hands.

Chairman of Shreya Foundation, Hemant Kumar Rai said that it is a pleasure to honor people doing excellent work in various fields like art and culture, sports, education, health, business, films, agriculture etc. These great people have touched new dimensions of their success in various fields.

The main objective of Shreya Foundation is to honor the people of the society according to their merit so that the people of the society can get a new direction and India can continuously move forward on the path of development in the world. Today the society needs such great personalities who can inspire our youth and take the society in a good and new direction.

On this occasion, Mahima Chaudhary, Manish Wadhwa (actor), Arjun Firoz Khan (actor), Naeem Siddiqui (filmmaker and social worker), Shabbir Sheikh, Sikandar Khan (actor), lyricist Panchi Jalaunvi, Shahbaz Khan (actor), Aman Sandhu. (Actress Punjab), Ayesha Khan (Actress Tamil), Mohammed Salim Mullawar (Actor Telugu), Anees Barudwale (Director), Avinash Wadhawan (Actor), Neelofar Gisawat (Actress), Zeeshan Moin (Actor), Ritesh Lallan (Producer Gujarat) Many celebrities including were awarded this trophy.

On this occasion, shreya Foundation chairman Shri Hemant K. Rai said that our foundation has been continuously honoring people by organizing cultural, social and educational programs so that there is unity in the society.

Media manager of the organization, Vamik Khan said that very soon we will honor people with Shreya Bharat Award in different states of India, which will encourage the youth of the society.

Let us tell you that the program started with the national anthem, after which Shreya anthem was played which has been written by Panchhi Jalaunvi. Ganpati Bappa was worshiped through dance performance at Shreya Bharat Award 2023.

Chairman Hemant K. Rai said that many people have joined our company through employment. Shreya Foundation stands by to help dowry harassed women. The foundation provides gold and money for the marriage of poor girls. Helps poor children to study. Till now, more than 100 girls have been married by Shreya Foundation, 1000 people have been given employment, many people have been gifted cars and bikes, many people have been helped for treatment.

He further said that Shreya Bharat Award will be given every three months i.e. people will get this honor 4 times in a year. We will soon start a film in which 60 percent of the actors are from UP.

Bollywood dance performance was also presented here.

Actress Mahima Chaudhary praised this initiative of Shreya Foundation and said that she is also from UP, so maybe a role can come up for me in Hemant ji’s film. I congratulate Hemant Rai and his entire team.

The poster of the upcoming film Dhaaak was also launched on this occasion. Which has been directed by Anees Barudwale and Mohammad Salim Mullawar has played the lead role in it.

On this occasion, company chairman Hemant K. Rai’s birthday was celebrated by cutting a grand cake.

A donation of Rs 5 lakh was given to the old age home Golden Nest from Shreya Foundation.

Along with this, the poster of the film “Lalach Pyaar Ek Dhokha”, being made under the banner of Shreya Entertainment and Production, was also launched here.

Promotion and publicity was handled by Shabbir Shaikh of Fortune Lifeline Media & Entertainment.


Shreya Foundation Honored Mahima Chaudhry – Manish Wadhwa With SHREYA BHARAT AWARD

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