Content Production Is Part Of Economy Nos, Says SYED UMAR

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In a dozy of Modern aesthetics and tranquility the flabbergasted consisting change is Digital X factor that has been a boon to Economy and Social changes Youth is now more inclined towards content management and processing, Syed Umar from Jammu and Kashmir is One of the best example who has came up with great success story in terms of Digital marketing ,Content Production and Digital Economy Crossing Global context and Making it to the Next Level .We Had Chat with Umar and here is story that inspires Youth.

Sir Tell us about Your self and Journey As a Content creator and Travel blooger?

Myself  Syed Umar form “Kishtwar” Jammu and Kashmir  …! 

I started my journey as vloger  and content creator from past 1.5 years .

What is Imapct on Economy being an Influencer from J&k?

The impact on j&k’s economy as an influencer is very good , because I am exploring new and unique places of J&K and uplifting them on Instagram ,Facebook and YouTube .. from which tourists are coming from different parts of our India …!

What challenges you faced during Journey, your Next Goals?

“Challenges” As my point of view each and every second of life is a challenge … As a started travel blogging … society starts criticising me and also other challenges starts coming in my life , but i tolerate every thing and focused on my goal …!

A message to Youth as Youth Icon from J&k?

“Message for youths” As a youth icon form J&K … the only thing that I want to say for the youths is start hardwork also do smart work , struggling , avoid bad things like drugs …! And stay focused on your  goal ..! That’s it.


Content Production Is Part Of Economy Nos , Says SYED UMAR

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