MISS WORLD AMERICA WASHINGTON Shree Saini and actress Nargis Fakhri both invited as chief guests to a function in Seattle, Washington. Shree Saini is our reigning Miss World America Washington, a global speaker, who inspires others to overcome their hardships.

Shree went to list “quarantine tasks we have the privilege to do.”

  1. Live with abundant enthusiasm.
  2. Be a Joy Creator in every situation
  3. Visualize your highest self and start showing up in life as her/ him.
  4. Have a bias towards action.
  5. Practice being kinder, more loving, more giving, more understanding, more forgiving
  6. Donate groceries to the local food bank.
  7. Go through your wardrobe and donate clothes
  8. Cultivate a family game night
  9. FaceTime your grandparents, loved ones, friends.
  10. Spend time with God
  11. Re-decorate your room, home
  12. Start a new hobby
  13. Read Read Read
  14. Work on self-discipline. Do your pending tasks.
  15. Workout. Learn new recipes.

Shree’s life story of overcoming struggles and her volunteer work has earned recognition and awards from Governor, Secretary of State and dignitaries around the world. Shree even earned the “Best Pageant Titleholder” award, when nominated alongside, Miss Universe, at the Global Beauty Awards. Shree believes that we need to nourish our hearts daily with positive thoughts, so that we can overcome difficulties in life and remain eternally grateful.

Shree continues to pass her gratitude to her international judges by writing in her post “Thank you Mrs. Julia Morley, Mr. Eric Douglas, Mr. Steve Douglas founders of Miss World for creating this international women empowerment organization 70 years ago.”

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