Sushant the star – Sohan Roy’s new poem on the untimely demise of the rising star, Sushant Singh Rajput

June 14th marked the sad demise of a well-known Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The news immersed India in a state of shock, mainly because the actor was young and successful. This incident unveiled a not much-realized face of depression, which is often kept under wraps. This incident brought the ugly reality of life to the public as he was an embodiment of a self-made man who made a name for himself in the industry without any support. A Bollywood star with a bright future ahead of him seemingly gave in and died by suicide. Poet and Hollywood director, Dr. Sohan Roy, in his new poem “Sushant the star,” wrote about Sushant’s untimely death. Roy started the Poem by mentioning the most outstanding role in his career, the character he did as M.S Dhoni in the biopic “Dhoni.” The poet stresses on how he had his dreams achieved and life sorted out but still ended up doing such an unfortunate deed. It reflects that nothing monetary or no amount of achievement can sum up someone’s happiness in life. Roy describes him using the homonym star as he was genuinely eligible for both meanings of the word. It was a doomed day for the nation, Dr. Roy chose Sushant’s demise as the topic of Roy’s Poem because it opened up a lot of misconceptions seen in today’s world.

It was a revelation to people who thought that the glam everybody exhibits outside and on social platforms is the lives they live. Sushant led a life which anyone would crave, but despite living amidst all that fame and luxury, he still chose to end his life. This has made the whole nation stop and think.

Dr. Sohan Roy, C.E.O OF U.A.E based Aries Group of Companies, is a compassionate person concerned about fellow beings and has worked relentlessly in numerous ways to help the needy. Choosing current affairs as a topic, he has been writing and releasing haikus daily, for the past two and half years in a 4-line Poem based Internet Troll or “Poetroll” form along with suiting graphics and music. He has written about 900 Poetrolls that stands out in the postmodern literary Field. His aspiration has always been beyond monetary achievements and has relentlessly worked for the progress of our nation. His “Roars of Color” is one such effort that can represent India’s solidarity extended towards any citizen facing the terrors of racial discrimination. He has also bridged the gap India had with the most reputed Oscar Awards by Directing the Hollywood movie “DAM 999”. His debut directorial venture contended for the Oscars and received 5 selections in 3 categories….

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